Darla Dirkson

Darla is a citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, a member of the Bird Clan and her tribal town would have been Concharty.

Darla has been creating baskets and beaded works for the past 18 years. She is almost completely self-taught in both mediums. Working from research, example and seeking out journeyman craftsmen for instruction, help and advice, she developed her own style and techniques. She has also taught basketry and beadwork & is a staunch believer in passing on knowledge & skills. “Our basketry & beadwork was almost lost during and after the removal, it’s more important than ever to work to bring these crafts back, and thanks to people like Mary Smith (Creek Basket master weaver) & Martha Berryhill (Cherokee bead artist) these “lost arts” have been recovered and are being passed on once again. I love being a part of that resurrection.”

While she enjoys making traditional, historically & culturally accurate baskets, she also loves experimenting with modern materials as well. Darla creates Southeastern Style Double-walled baskets, river cane baskets & pine needle baskets and gourd vessels using a combination of weaving styles to produce her very unique pieces. Often cross-working, including her beadwork and jewelry with her weaving.

She is also highly skilled at bead weaving. She does loom work, appliqué and bead stitching. While she enjoys beading for market pieces, her passion is beading for others and she specializes in affordable custom work. She has created “Choctaw” collars for several Miss Muscogee (Creek) Nation hopefuls, as well graduation caps and feathers. “I consider it an honor and privilege to be asked to bead a special piece for someone, honor pieces, especially for one of our Veterans”.